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Please take a look at each of Tanera and Laura’s profile pages for more information as to what we are looking for.
We share material between us so please don’t worry if you are unsure as to which of us would be the best fit for your work – just send to who you think would be most suited.

Please do see our FAQ before submitting. When you are ready, please use our submissions form below and attach the following documents. The files can be either Word documents or pdfs.

  • Query letter: this should include a short author bio; the elevator pitch and blurb of the work you are submitting; comparative titles; and any relevant information – such as previously published novels; if you are submitting to other agents simultaneously; etc.
  • Synopsis: this is a detailed overview of the book you are submitting, and should include spoilers.
  • Manuscript: please send us the opening three chapters or 50 pages of your work, whichever is the longer.

We kindly ask you to refrain from sending submissions via email, as these take us longer to process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What we're looking for

Tanera Simons

I am looking to acquire commercial fiction across a wide range of genres, including rom-com, love stories, historical fiction, book club, romantic fantasy, and female-driven narratives with a darker edge. Across all genres I am always looking for very clear hooks; a pitch that can be easily summarised and leave readers wanting more. I want to see stand-out, memorable characters whose journeys readers can’t help but invest in.

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Laura Heathfield

I am looking for commercial fiction across genres like crime, thriller, suspense, bookclub, historical, and romance, as well as select non-fiction. Above everything I want to be entertained. I’m looking for a book you can’t wait to talk to someone about, in the same way as a new film or the latest release on Netflix. A book that engrosses me from the first page to the last, desperate for someone I know to read so we can discuss as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should I submit to? 
Please refer to Tanera's and Laura's profile pages for more information regarding their wishlists. We work closely together and share submissions between us as appropriate, so, even if you feel that either of us would be a good fit, please still choose one of us to submit to. Please do not send to both of us simultaneously.
What is an elevator pitch?
Please see our blog post regarding submissions [here].
My manuscript has a prologue, does this count as a chapter?
Yes, we would count this as a chapter for the purposes of the submission – but please also note that we suggest you send the first 50 pages if this is the longer of the two. Please do make sure that your sample ends at an appropriate time: so, if the 50 pages ends mid-chapter/sentence, then we would suggest ending it either just before or after the 50 page cut-off, as appropriate.
Do you accept screenplays?
No. We also don’t accept submissions for picture books, children’s books, YA, Middle Grade, or poetry. We don’t have experience or expertise in these fields so are not the best representatives if you are writing into these markets.
How long can I expect to wait before I hear back from you?
We will endeavour to read and respond to you within six weeks of receiving your submission. If you haven’t heard back from us after this time then please do email us to check in.
Another agent has requested the full of my manuscript. Should I update you?
Yes please! We would love to be kept updated so that, if another agent has set you a deadline by which to respond, we can endeavour to let you know our thoughts before that deadline. Please do also let us know if you have accepted an offer of representation after submitting to us, so that we can remove your submission from our records.

Still have questions?